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Foto: Ateljé Catellani
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Foto: Ateljé Catellani
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Foto: Anneli Karlsson

 The Maritime Museum was inaugurated in 1938 following a donation

from the Alice and Knut Wallenberg Foundation. It is the central museum

for ships and shipping, naval defence, and shipbuilding. Today, and on behalf

of the State, the museum safeguards and exhibits artefacts relating to

maritime history and development.

Meet the Horizon
In 2007 Ateljé Catellani restored a collection of works painted only by

well-known artists and acquired by the Swedish Maritime Museum

Association from the art collector Erik Ekegren in Malmö. The collection

consists of over eighty pictures which form the basis of the exhibition

Meet the Horizon ( Möt Horisonten).

Over fifty of these works have been restored from the various defects and

flaws of the ageing process, including everything from tears to discolouration

from cigar smoke.

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The ship Amphion
Two of the many objects at the Maritime Museum which have been restored

by Ateljé Catellani are the cabin and the stern of the Amphion. The Amphion

was Gustaf III:s flagship during the war against Russia between 1788-90.

The conservation and restoration work was done in close collaboration

with the curator Susanne Allesson-Nyberg and was carried out on the original

parts of the ship. The assignment was completed in 2006.

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