Over the years, Atelje Catellani has preserved & restored several works of art belonging to various institutions and in private ownership.

In addition to the selection below, the studio has conserved, restored and offered expertise services for art belonging to Government offices, the Swedish Royal Academy, several castles, churchies and a number of museum of national and international belonging.

Karlbergs Castle

Anna Catellani is the permanent chief conservator at Karlberg Castle regarding the preservation and restoration of its collection. The collection largely consists of paintings made during the 17th Century, mirroring the Swedish history specifically the thirty years war.

 The Maritime Museum

During the cours of serveral years Ateljé Catellani has restored several art pieces belonging to the Swedish Maritime Museum. A major project in conservation and restoration was carried out in 2007 namely restoration of Amphion, the Swedish king Gustavus III ship.


Steninge Castle

Ateljé Catellani has carried out a number of restoration and conservation assignments, as well as analasys work, for Steninge Castle, including ceiling paintings and 17th century portraits of the castle’s founders, and has also restored various parts of the interior.

The Museum of Modern Art

Anna Bronzoni Catellani worked for several years conserving and restoring works from the Museum’s collection. Among the works she has restored for the Museum of Modern Art, can be mentioned Matisse, Magritte, Picasso and Dalí, as in the picture above.

Work on wallpaintings

Atelje Catellani has restored several wallpaintings.


Norra Latin

Norra Latin owns a unique art collection to which paintings made by Prince Eugene, Carl Larsson and Bruno Liljefors belongs. A majority of the art collection are portraits of  Swedish poets such as Harry Martinsson and Ivar Lo Johansson.