As a conservator and art expert, Anna Bronzoni Catellani offers lectures in the topics of the conservation and restoration of paintings, classical art, and the role of the artist over the centuries.

During her lectures, Anna Bronzoni Catellani explains what it means to conserve art and what must be done to retain the artistic and financial values of a art piece. It is also possible to request a lecture on a specific topic, tailoring in accordance with the request.
Through her academic studies within art science, she pays great attention to portrait works from the time of the Renaissance until the 19th Century, and to the importance of clothing as a contextual indicator.

“I see the sharing of my knowledge with others, not only in practical work but also though lectures, as being of great importance for the preservation of art in the world. If I can succeed in communicating my love for art and inspire others to feel the same way, then together we can do great things!”

– Anna Bronzoni Catellani

Leonardo da Vinci

On an historic day, Savator Mundi, the painting attributed to the master was sold at Christie`s in New York. The final price of 450 million dollars made it the most expensive painting ever sold in history. In 2019 the world remembered 500 years from the death of Leonardo Da Vinci. As an expert in Leonardo da Vinci oeuvre Ateljè Catellani has been holding a lectures honoring the genius of all times.

Francisco Goya y Lucientes

In preparationof a major exhibition of early Goya paintings, preformed during his italian period, Territorio Goya seminarum offered in 2019 as series of lectures in regard to the master. Atelje Catellani participated as a key speaker exposing the relevance of Goya for the coming modern generation of artist.


Maintaining the values in Art

Equal to a human being, even an art piece, is subjected to aging and eventually decaying. To monitor this process and intervene through conservation & restoration is fundamental for the keeping of both artistic and economic value of it. Several related topics are being brought to light during the lecture.  Anna Bronzoni Catellani has 35 years of experience  working as a conservator, art historian and appraiser.