Karlberg Palace

Karlberg 1
Foto: Bo Lind 

Karlberg 2
Foto: Bo Lind

Karlbergs Palace was built in 1634, and among others, Karl X11 spent the first hours of his life here. These days the palace is home to the world’s oldest naval cadet school still in existence, and contains an irreplaceable

collection of works of art with enormous historical, cultural and

artistic value for the nation of Sweden.

Anna Catellani is the permanent chief conservator at Karlberg Palace, responsible

for the conservation and restoration of the collection, the majority of which

consist of older paintings on canvas and board from the seventeenth century.

In recent years Ateljé Catellani has worked regularly with Karlberg Palace

to maintain the collection in the best possible condition.

Naval battles
Many of the paintings of naval battles at Karlberg Palace were painted

by Johan Hammar in the early seventeenth century, and depict battles during the

thirty-year war. They were often painted on board and describe the war

between the Swedes and the Danes in the late sixteenth century.

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Most of the portraits of commanders at Karlberg Palace were painted

In the seventeenth century. A number of them were produced by

David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl and were oil on canvas. All of the

portraits have been conserved and restored.

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