Lectures in Art history and art conservation


As a conservator and art expert, Anna Bronzoni Catellani gives lectures where she talks with great passion and engagement about the conservation and restoration of paintings, about classical art, and the role of the artist over the centuries. This journey through the world of art brings works of art to life and brings new dimensions to the way in which they can be admired.

During her lectures, Anna explains what it means to conserve art and what must be done to retain the artistic and financial values of a work. It is also possible to request a lecture on a specific topic and Anna Bronzoni Catellani then tailors the lecture in accordance with the request.
Through her academic studies within the science of art, she pays great attention to portrait works from the time of the Renaissance until the 19th century, and to the importance of clothing as a contextual indicator of the period.

“I see the sharing of my knowledge with others, not only in practical work but also though lectures, as being of great importance for the preservation of art in the world. If I can succeed in communicating my love of art and inspire others to feel the same way, then together we can do great things!”

A journey in the world of art and its conservation

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Maritime Museum in Stockholm
Karlberg Palace
Uppsala University
Art society, Old Town, Stockholm
Italian Embassy
RVR – Insurance compnay
Länsförsäkringar – Insurance company
Trygg Hansa – Insurance company
If Skadeförsäkring – Insurance company
Enköping Art Museum
Folksam – Insurance company
Among others


Abu Dhabi, UAE
Dubai, UAE

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